Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Packing Blog!

Well, I'm done packing pretty much so here is a complete list of the items I'm bringing!

-8 pairs of jeans
-12 pairs of shorts
-3 swimming trunks
-24+ T-Shirts
-3 dress shirts
-3 pairs of dress pants
-a pair of dress shoes
-white work sneakers
-black tie
-3 pairs of Converse
-boxers (of course)
-24 pairs of socks
-2 hats
-2 jackets
-door mat
-small electric grill
-clothes hamper
-bed sheets
-MacBook Pro
-my G1
-poster/minion for my room
-alarm clock
-shaving cream
-shampoo, soap, hygiene products
-Smallville: Seasons 1-9
-Supernatural: Seasons 1-5
-Firefly: The Complete Series
-The X-Files: Seasons 1-2
-Saw: 1-6 (Saw 7 comes out in October and it's perfect for Halloween Horror Nights)
-ethernet cords

That's pretty much it....

Yea it is a lot!


MaryanneB said...

I wish I could drive there...

Also...Firefly watching nights are going to happen. Mmk? Mmk.

Kal of El said...


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